Monday, 28 October 2013

The last day of the 1st week in the Ebrington / エバリントン最初の週の最終日

This person kindly donated 10 Pounds after enjoying the project really. The art history has always developed because of the patron. Thank you so much for your support!


After arriving in Belfast before sleeping,  I ordered stuffs which I need for the project on both Amazon and Ebay.


After waking up the next day, I brought the caravan to the storage and collected the Tabor Drum in the post office and bought 2 hooks in DIY to make the place to hang clothes inside the caravan.


After coming home I complained about the 2nd generator which didn't work after 1st use to the Tesco Direct. So they will collect it and bring the new one on this Thursday.
Actually the 1st generator I bought for this project was stolen in the street unfortunately. The 2nd generator has a technical problem from the beginning.  I have a bad luck for the generator.

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