Friday, 1 November 2013

Before going back to Ebrington, Derry~Londonderry / エバリントンに戻る前に

I designed stickers.

I got a miniature doll of Irish Troll as a present from my partner's mother.

So I added a miniature doll of "Teltetubbies" as a counterpart in British Miniature Collection 

As I got  a pint glass of "Guinness" as a present from my partner's mother, I added a pint glass of "London Pride" as a counterpart in British Glass Collection 

As I got a tiny Irish vase  as a present from my partner's mother, I added a tiny Victorian-style shoe shaped vase as a counterpart in British side.

As I received deliveries of both Irish Bohran and British Tabor Drum, I displayed both of them.

As I didn't have a place to hang clothes, I fixed 2 types of hooks on the wall.

I asked the printing company to print 2 posters again for the replacement of the wrong sized poster. I received a new generator as a replacement of broken one and I also got  a pair of ramps for the project on the border point.

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