Saturday, 5 March 2022

Update of the collection & 2nd day @ Havelock House

I bought a pairs of Irish wool slippers which is made in Aron islands for a new collection for my caravan.

And then I bought a pairs of British tweed slippers of Harris Tweed as a counter parts.
なので反対側に展示する英国のツイード製(ハリス・ツイード )のスリッパを購入した。

And I decided to wear Half Irish and Half British Slippers during the project.

I modified the cover of the guest book into half Irish and half British using wall papers which left over.

I forgot to bring a memory card for my DSLR camera
So I used iPhone to document. Sorry for bad quality of pictures today.

Friday, 4 March 2022

Late Art Night Belfast @ Havelock House

I've kept forgetting how much popular this art caravan was. And I didn't even realize the fact I've not showed my caravan in Belfast since 2015 though I've kept developing the project as working in progress since 2013.
このアートキャンピングカーが凄く人気があったことを忘れていた。そして、2013年以来、ワークインプログレスで、プロジェクトを発展させてきたものの、ベルファストでは2015 年以来見せていなかったことに気がつかなかった。