Monday, 18 November 2013

2 Pounds / 2 ポンド

In the Tuner Prize exhibition 2013 Tino Sehgal didn't exhibit any artwork in the gallery.
He just gives 2 Pounds to the each audience if the audience agrees to spend it to encourage consuming.
To be honest I didn't like his way of work. I think many people would think art is difficult and lose interest in art because of him. But as he got the gold prize in Venice Biennale 2013 this year without creating things, he is getting more attention than any other artists. If I try to think about the Turner Prize 2013, I cannot prevent from talking about his work unfortunately. During doing my Borderline Project I have thought about his project with talking with customers sometimes. In spite of my feeling he might win the prize in my instinct.

Today occasionally one guy came to my caravan with a desperate situation. He told me he is locked out of his apartment and he needs 2 Pounds to copy the key for his apartment today. But he doesn't have money now. Though I was not really sure the guy I have never met is talking about the truth or not, I told him if you participate in my project, I will give you 2 Pounds, with thinking about Tino Sehgal's work as well as the kindness of people when I left my wallet in Belfast.
After giving him 2 Pounds, I told him, by the way, if you go to Turner Prize show over there, you can get another 2 Pounds, if you participate in one of artists' work.



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