Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chain reaction / チェーン・リアクション

As an artist one of the greatest pleasure to get is if I could inspire other artists through my art work.
As I wrote in the diary yesterday, a Derry based performance artist, James King gave me a special gift as a reaction to my project.
One day after he came again with a friend. ( Actually he even brought friends to my caravan twice after 1st visiting. Thank you James! )
The friend came today was so excited with my project and he has started shooting a video with interviewing us.
Afterward he made a phone call to invite 2 street performers to let them make a collaborative performance with James King around my caravan.
Even though I was surprised the event I have never expected has happened suddenly, I have also felt pleased that the project seems strong enough to inspire other artists and creators while watching their performance as an observer.


After waking up earlier than usual I drove to the republic of Ireland with crossing the border to buy Irish "Cadbury" Chocolates. Now I have got more collections to hung accompanying with British  "Cadbury" Chocolates I have bought before.

The interior of the caravan on 27th(Sunday) October 2013


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