Friday, 18 October 2013

Back to Northern Ireland ! / 北アイルランドに戻って来た!

I just came back to Northern Ireland after my participating in 3 exhibitions in Japan and Taiwan.
Though I arrived in my home in Belfast yesterday, I have started preparing ordering stuffs in "Ebay" and "Amazon" before sleeping.

And all day today I have spent my time for preparation for the project.

From 23rd October next week I will start showing my Borderline Project in the Ebrington where the venue of Tuner Prize Exhibition is located as I have got an official permission from the curator. Please check my caravan when you come to Derry~Londonderry to see the Turner Prize show!


As I left Shamrock and Flax flower for 2 and half months, they are nearly dying. I must seed again from beginning.


German customer let me know the Playmobil doll I 
selected for British collection was actually a German doll.
So I bought the proper the British Playmobil doll for the replacement.


Wrong item in my British Miniatures.. / ブリティッシュミニチュアの中に間違ったものが・・・

To prevent from opening the door of the refrigerator while driving I bought these parts in Taiwan.

Last day before my leaving for Asia for 2.5 months / アジアへ二ヶ月半行く前の最後の日

To fix stuffs inside the shelf while driving I bought these parts in Taiwan.

2nd day of camping on the border between Ireland & Northern Ireland / アイルランドと北アイルランド(英国)の国境でのキャンプ2日目

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