Thursday, 24 October 2013

My impression about Turner Prize exhibition / ターナー賞展を見た感想

Before watching the exhibition of the Turner Prize, I have been so no nervous how great artists come to Northern Ireland. And it must be the 1st time that Northern Ireland will get such a huge attention for art in the art history.  I know all 4 artists have been nominated for Tuner Prize are really established. But after watching the show, I thought installation of 2 artists are OK. The work of 1 artist is even not OK for for me. I felt this 1 artist is really lazy to make that kind of the project for this big opportunity. In fact I have only got inspired from 1 artist, Laure Prouvost.

I believe roughly there are 2 types of the artists in this world.

One is an artist who works is based on concept otherwise, they work with thinking more. In this case I think these types of artists make works with using mainly left brain. As I introduce myself as a conceptual artist, I am an artist like this type.

Another type of artist works more instinctively and/or emotionally. Their art works sometimes have craziness. I think these types of artists work with using right brain rather than the left brain. As I don't have these kind of side in my work,  if I find the remarkable talent beyond my expectation from these kind of artist,  the matter I can do is I just accept their talent with a lot of respect.

I felt that kind of feeling of the craziness of impressive installation of Laura Provost. Though I don't know any politics or anything which will relate to the result of the Turner Prize, I definitely will vote for Laura Prouvosat to win the Tuner Prize 2013 if I can do it.





Pictures of all customers are not below


One of the customers gave me a good suggestion of Cadbury chocolate which has both Irish and British version. I have to include it in my collection definitely. Thank you for good advice!
今日お客さんの一組からコレクションにいれるべきものの、いい提案アイリッシュ版とブリティッシュ版があるCadbury チョコレートのがありました。早速コレクションに入れなければなりません。情報ありがとうございました!

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