Friday, 25 October 2013

The subject I have to deal with / 対処すべき課題

After checking people in the Ebrington square in these few days I have decided to change the direction of the caravan with facing to the approach of people who come to the Ebrington square for a test.
Because of the geographic location of the caravan, I found it's not so easy to invite all people who came to the Tuner Prize exhibition into my caravan.
But this Ebrington square is really good place to show my caravan to the public anyway as a part of the City of Culture event during the Tuner Prize show.
In fact some local people occasionally enter my caravan, and some people visit my caravan with checking my information on the internet beforehand.
Since I started this project, I have been also noticed because the caravan is usually private thing, most of the people hesitate to enter it.
But if anybody enters my caravan once,  he/she will always get surprised with the inside beyond his/her expectation.

Next week I will order stickers which I will stick outside of the caravan to show my project more clearly to the public to invite more people inside.



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