Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Territory / テリトリー

As Northern Ireland has conflict which also relate to each territory, everybody has own territory.

It is not so easy for me to find the place where I can park my caravan as most of places belong to somebody.

Even when I tried to park my caravan on the road in front of my house,

I have got a small conflict with neighbors.

So I have started finding the proper place for camping for the project by researching some of public roads where have border points between Donegal, Republic of Ireland and Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, carefully.






(1) Petrol Station on the border --- Negotiation needed
国境地点にあるガソリンスタンド ---- 交渉必要

(2) Parking on the road --- "No Parking"
路上パーキングスペース --- 駐車不可


(3) Red Cross on the border  --- Negotiation needed
国境地点にある赤十字 ---- 交渉必要

(4) Green area on the border --- It seems possible. But I need the sloop to bring the caravan here.
国境地点にある路側帯 --- 可能なようだが、キャンピングカーをあげるのにスロープが必要。

(5) Kick Boxing club on the border --- Negotiation needed
国境地点にあるキックボクシングクラブ ---- 交渉必要

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