Friday, 19 July 2013

I admit I looked suspicious today /自分で考えてみても怪しい見た目だったことは否めない

When I woke up, it was already around 11am.
I guess I have been exhausted because I could not sleep properly the day before yesterday.
Though I was thinking to return to the same border point to have a camping before heading towards to Belfast, I noticed the caravan storage will close at 6 pm.
So I changed a plan to take Caravan to the office of the City of Culture to show it to the officer there before leaving Derry/Londonderry.
After eating breakfast I have driven to the City of Culture.
When I arrived there, I explained to the securities of the City of Culture I am an artist who got the commission from city of culture and then came to show my caravan to show the officer of city of culture.
But securities don't believe me and they didn't allow me to enter.
And they started talking about bomb alert.

After I showed my caravan to the program officer,

She was nice and she was impressed about my caravan like I had expected.

After leaving there I have started thinking how I look like.

I have towed a caravan like a hippy people.
And I have also been growing my own hair without any cutting for a commission work next year.
Now I look like a homeless or a surviving soldier of the Samurai.
I admit I looked suspicious today.






The breakfast today


Taking the breakfast in front of nice view


Taking the breakfast with sitting on the borderline


City of Culture


I admit I looked suspicious today

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