Sunday, 15 December 2013

Thought about the energy seriously for the 1st time / 始めてエネルギー について真剣に考えた

Since I started Borderline Project, I have learned how much energy we need in our daily life apart from issues between Ireland and United Kingdom (Northern Ireland). In our modern life we don't really think how much water, electricity and gas use as these fare will be automatically credited. But since I started the project I noticed I have to think more seriously how much energy I need for camping as I can carry limited amount of energy because of maximum weight. 
Since Japan got the nuclear disaster, Japanese people have started thinking about the energy more than before.
On the other hand, from the daily life inside minimal space outside Japan, I have got more conscious about the energy. I have struggled to economize 
the energy without wasting it.


It was stormy today. The sign board was blown off several times because of the strong wind. I could not put the step because of too hard wind.

To fix the sign board on the caravan, I have tried to use the cable ties.


As I got the Irish coin from the customer before Ireland have started using Euro, I have displayed it inside the jewelry box.


Though I have got several group of customers today, most of them have rejected for taking pictures of them unfortunately. So I don't have so much pictures of customers today.


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