Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Postscript / あとがき

I finally finished the commission work which is from the City of Culture Derry~Londonderry 2013. In the beginning of the project I was struggling to find some border points between Ireland and Northern Ireland, where I can park my caravan and show the project to the public. But if I park my caravan in the border, I found the reality of difficulty to invite people inside as the caravan is usually private and most of people don't try to enter it.

And I have tried to think what is the most important factor for the project. I found it the most important for the project to show many local people in Northern Ireland / Ireland and develop the project through communication with them rather than to show the project in the border. So I switched the idea to show my project mainly in the Ebrington square where many people come for the Turner Prize exhibition, other events organized by the City of Culture and also just passing-by. I also showed the project in the St. Anne Square in front of the MAC, Belfast during Art Night. In fact the project has got really good feed back from a lot of people successfully.

As everybody in Ireland or/and Northern Ireland have some idea about the cultural difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland(United Kingdom), I also think the project will work everywhere all around the Northern Ireland / Ireland probably also in Great Britain.

Though I finished the commission work from the City of Culture, I really hope I can continue to show the project to  many people also next year. Though the tiny caravan has been getting full of collections,  I can also replace the collection in some points like the usual museum.  From beginning of next year I will start residency in Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown, Northrern Ireland. I am thinking to show the project sometimes there. 

Dear All, Thank you so much for keeping attention on my project!  Thank you so much for your visiting my caravan and joining the project!  if you have not seen it yet, I hope I can show the project somewhere sometimes in the near future! Remember that I will keep updating this Facebook page and the Blog, when I will get further opportunities to show the project.

All the best,
Belfast, Northern Ireland
18th December 2013

 アイルランドや北アイルランド(英国)の人々なら誰しも、アイルランドと北アイルランドの文化の違いについて、何か考えがあるように、 このプロジェクトはアイルランドや北アイルランド全土、おそらく英国の本土でも意味があると思います。




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