Sunday, 8 December 2013

Difference of the taste of the Tayto crisps between in the South and in the North / 北アイルランド産とアイルランド産のテートポテトチップの味の違い

Before going to Ebrington in this morning I went to the border to buy some Irish products the visitor suggested me. Though I could not buy stuff I wanted, from my neutral point of view as a foreigner I decided to try to compare objectively the taste of the Tayto crisps which many people told me the southern one tastes better.

These are both Northern Irish and Irish Tayto crisps with Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vineger and Prawn Cocktail flavor

Cheese & Onion Flavors. Irish one looks more brown colored and a little bit more crispy as they have probably fried longer. But objectively I don't find so much difference in tastes.

My partner's mother gave me a pint glass for Guninnes again. So now the collection on this shelf has fixed. Thank you Pauline!!
パートナーのお母さんがギネスのパイントグラスをまたくれた。 よってこの棚のコレクションが元に戻った。ありがとうポーリン!!

The flag on the British magnet destroyed during moving.


The collection of both British and Irish magnets

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